We have compiled these Islamic Mcqs from our Website jobstestmcqs in order that our Users can get enjoy it. you can Print out these Mcqs and you can prepare yourself for Job Test. If you think that you simply Have remembered all Islamic Mcqs during this File. you’ll Check your Memory by Taking our Online Islamic Quiz. Don’t forget to go to us as we’ll update this MCQs file with more MCQs. If you think that the Mcqs provided here has the wrong answer during this Pdf and want to be corrected then simply click on the Mcqs Title and it’ll open an equivalent Mcq in our website and you’ll comment below that multiple-choice question in Islamiat is that the compulsory in most of the subjects having 100 Marks.  ISLAMIST paper has been dramatically changed, Examiner is not anymore interested asking a direct question rather questions related to the present affairs or situations based questions are being entertained. On the opposite hand, the MCQs portion has rotated as a nuisance for the candidates. It becomes so difficult to possess inconsequential to foremost information to clear MCQS Portion. I even have tried my utmost to collect maximum information (objectively) to form the trail easy. These Islamic Studies MCQs will help you to secure maximum marks in upcoming NTS, CSS, PMS, KPPSC, PPSC, and other competitive exams.